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CS2D on Steam Steam (recommended Version)

Download CS2D for free from the Steam store! Available for all platforms.
Install via Steam Steam Windows MacOS Linux
this will open the CS2D Steam Store page

CS2D Client for Windows Windows (<25 mb)

You don't have Steam? Then get the standalone client here. You can get it as ZIP or setup. The setup version is easy to use and therefore recommended for most users. The ZIP-archive version needs to be extracted manually. The client can also be used to host your own listen server!

Attention: Do NOT extract/install to "C:\Program Files" on Win! It will lead to problems!

Setup Windows Windows Client Setup

Simply download and run to install the game! Setup Windows Windows Client Setup
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Zip Windows Windows Client Zip-Archive

No setup required! Extract anywhere and play! 100% portable! Zip Windows Windows Client Zip-Archive
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map editor

CS2D Client for Mac MacOS and Linux Linux (<25 mb)

Just extract the zip file and run CS2D - no setup required! Setup MacOS MacOS Client Zip-Archive
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Setup Linux Linux Client Zip-Archive
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Server for Linux Linux, Mac MacOS and Windows Win (~1 MB)

A headless dedicated server for CS2D game server hosting. This download is for experienced users only (it is complicated! Read this!). Use the client instead and click 'New Game' and 'Start' if you want to play and host on your PC! You need the client files as well in order to use the dedicated server! Setup Linux Linux Server Zip-Archive
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Setup Mac MacOS Server Zip-Archive
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Setup Windows Windows Server Zip-Archive
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Dedicated CRC32 Hash Values: Linux | MacOS | Windows
The dedicated server binaries can be accessed and downloaded directly. The links stay always the same. This allows you to automate server updates with scripts.

Community Mirrors

Community Download Mirror List (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

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