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Lua Command addbind



  • "key"


Adds a Lua key bind for the specified key. This bind will be active for all players and will trigger the key hook when a player presses or releases the related key.

Valid key names:
  • Numeric keys: "0", "1" ... "9"
  • Alphabetic keys: "A", "B", ... "Z"
  • Function keys: "F1", "F2", ... "F12"
  • Mouse: "mouse1" (left click), "mouse2" (right click), "mouse3" (middle click), "mwheelup", "mwheeldown" (scrolling)
  • Special/Modifier keys: "leftshift", "rightshift", "leftctrl", "rightctrl", "leftalt", "rightalt", "leftsys", "rightsys"
  • Arrow keys: "leftarrow", "rightarrow", "uparrow", "downarrow"
  • Others: "backspace", "tab", "clear", "enter", "escape", "space", "pgup", "pgdn", "end", "home", "select", "print", "execute", "screen", "ins", "del"
  • Numpad/keypad: Same as above with "kp_" prefix. e.g. "kp_leftarrow", "kp_home", "kp_ins" etc., "kp_5" for center button

Note: Please read they key hook reference for further information!