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Current List

These are the IP addresses and ports of all servers which are currently listed on the CS2D serverlist. Each address represents one server. The list is part of the U.S.G.N.
By the way: Your IP is - servers with your IP will be highlighted!

Servers: 70 Server Server Server te amo'S[RU]Team Deathmatch[RU]Gungame[Q][RU] Classic[RU2D] Moscow Hub[Complex] Doghouse[Q] Complex de_dust[Complex] Deagle One Shot[Complex] Awp[211] Counter-Strike 2D | Mix/Match[96] Jail | RPG-Tibia[Q] [Republic2D] - Standard[UB] # Bomb/Defuse[Q] CS2DBR #1 @ Standard[Q]CS2D Server Public | EU>> City RolePlay RP Server <<[Nekox]Super Hero Classic TOWN!MineCraft! mixmatch | UnlimitBuilding | FUN[Q] CS2D.TK | Standard!MineCraft! ~Original | OtherWorld - RPG v8.0[IFwsI]- Jail[IFwsI]- Doghouse // Fun[IFwsI]- Deagle One Shot[IFwsI]- Shotgun[IFwsI]- SuperHero[Q] PRO'LEAGUE | PUBLIC | Mix/Match [FR I] MIXES [24/7] | Antrenman Sunucusu[Q] PRO'LEAGUE - de_CS2D'LEAGUE - CF [senha: cf][Q] PRO'LEAGUE - GREY #1[ Wolfs 2D ] @ Grey ~* | Multigames![Q] CS2DBR #2 @ Ranked[Q]CS2D Server Public | AU[Q]CS2D Server Public | NA | Tournaments[Q] Kgb2d Community Playground[SP] Mami's Mod @ Alpha | AIM|Storm_PL| ~Match | Tibia - Zombies! - GTA Deathmatch[lFwsl]- Zombie Apocalypse[IFwsI]- Construction[IFwsI]- Escape!SIN IS NOOB!