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Lua Command itemtype



  • type
  • "value"


Returns a value of an item type:

  • name: name of the item, empty string ("") in case there is no item with this type

  • dmg: damage caused by this item

  • dmg_z1: damage caused with zoom level 1 / secondary attack mode

  • dmg_z2: damage caused with zoom level 2

  • rate: fire rate

  • reload: reload duration

  • ammo: amount of ammo that can be carried with the weapon

  • ammoin: amount of ammo that can be put into the weapon

  • price: item price

  • range: weapon range

  • dispersion: weapon dispersion

  • slot: item HUD slot

  • recoil: weapon recoil

Attention: Do not confuse the ID of an item instance on the map (see item command) with the type ID! Those are two different things. Each item has one unique ID but multiple items can have the same type ID!