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Category: entity (5)

Lua Command entity



  • x
  • y
  • "value"


Returns a value of an entity at the tile position (X|Y):

  • exists: boolean, true if there is an entity at this position, false otherwise

  • typename: name of that entity type

  • type: internal type ID for that entity

  • name: name entered in the name field of that entity

  • trigger: value(s) entered in the trigger field of that entity

  • state: boolean, false if visible/on (default), true otherwise (true/false is not used as expected here! Attention!)

  • int0 - int9: internal integer for settings/states

  • str0 - str9: internal string for settings/states

  • aistate: AI state for AI scripting, can be set with "setentityaistate"

Note: int0-9 and str0-9 are used for entity settings/states and are different for each entity type! Most entity types do not use all of these variables!

Note: There is no entity(0,"table") as it is common for comparable commands! Use the command "entitylist" instead!

Attention: Env_Decal entities are NOT accessible with this command.