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Lua Command steamstats



  • "steamid"
  • "mode"


Returns stats for a Steam account ID (provided as string):

  • exists: boolean, true if stats for that Steam ID are available, false otherwise

  • rank: gets the current rank of the player on the server 1 for the best (0 if unranked)

  • killsperdeath: returns the kills per death ratio (equation: kills/deaths)

  • score: score value (sum of map mission goal score and frags)

  • frags: number of kills

  • deaths: number of deaths

  • secs: time spent on server in seconds (only time while being in a team is counted, time as spectator is ignored)

  • mvp: number of rounds this player was the most valuable player

  • assists: number of kill assists

The command returns the boolean value false if stats are not available for the specified Steam ID or if wrong parameters are specified.

Note: There's also stats which is the same but works with the U.S.G.N. ID instead of the Steam ID as identifier.

Note: Different stats or no stats might be available via the stats or steamstats commands. This depends on the login behavior of the player.