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Lua Hook connect_initplayer



  • id: player id


When a player instance is created during the connection process. From this moment on you can use the command player to retrieve details about the player.

The instance is created directly after starting the connection process when first sanity checks and conditions are passed. It may not be invoked when the server is full, the password is wrong, the player is banned or the connection process was cancelled early for any other reason. It may also be delayed by the U.S.G.N. verification process (sv_checkusgnlogin set to 1) which will then also delay the invocation of this hook.

For the server/other players this is the moment when the new player is displayed in the HUD ("xyz connected") and starts to appear in the scoreboard. The player however is not yet able to interact with the server (e.g. can't choose a team yet).

The connecting player may fail to fully connect after this hook is called. That's because error-prone tasks like file transfer, map loading and server data loading all happen afterwards.

Hook execution order when a player connects/joins:

Note: This hook is NOT triggered for bots!

Note: If cs2d:sv_checkusgnlogin is 1, the U.S.G.N. ID of the player is already verified at this point. If it's 0 the U.S.G.N. ID is NOT verified at this point.

Attention: This hook is not triggered if the connection process is cancelled in early stages for any reason.

Attention: The player is not fully connected at that point. You should not try to display Lua images, message or other things at this point. Use the join hook instead if you want to show stuff to the new player.

Return Values

none - related action(s) [if there are any] performed by CS2D cannot be altered/omitted

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