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Category: player (56)

Lua Hook key



  • id: player id
  • key: key name (String)
  • state: state (1 start pressing, 0 release)


Triggered whenever a Lua-bound keyboard key or mouse button is pressed or released by a player.
To bind a key / mouse button with Lua, you have to use the addbind Lua command.
Existing binds can be removed with removebind or removeallbinds.

state can be:
  • 0 - when a player starts pressing a key (down)

  • 1 - when a player stops pressing a key (release)

Note: This feature only works for keys which have been bound in Lua with the command addbind!

Attention: Lua keybinds increase the network traffic because key hits and releases need to be sent to the server.

Return Values

none - related action(s) [if there are any] performed by CS2D cannot be altered/omitted

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