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Category: player (12)

Lua Command playerammo



  • id
  • itemtype


Returns how much ammo the specified player has left in the specified weapon.

Returns two values:
  • The ammo currently loaded into the weapon

  • the spare ammo for reloading

If the player does not exist or the player does not carry the weapon of the specified type, CS2D will return a boolean false (single value).

Item type IDs:

function getammo(pID, chatMsg)
   if chatMsg == "ammo" then
      local weaponType = player(pID, "weapontype")
      local ammoIn,ammo = playerammo(pID, weaponType)
      msg(player(pID, "name") .. " ammo: " .. ammoIn .. "|" .. ammo)

Attention: The ammo values the server has for other network players are just an approximation! Players might actually have LESS ammo than returned by this command - but never more (this can be caused by bad network conditions like lag and package loss). The values are only guaranteed to be accurate for the own player (when hosting a game locally) and for bots.