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Category: player (12)

Lua Command playerweapons



  • id


Returns a Lua table with all equippable weapon/item TYPES a player carries.

Item names and type IDs:

Sample 1: List items of player 1
local itemlist=playerweapons(1)
for _,id in pairs(itemlist) do

Note: Some items like money items, health items and ammo are automatically used when collected. They only modify related values (e.g. player money) and never appear in the list of carried items.

Attention: The command returns item TYPES only - NOT item instance IDs! If you want to retrieve the ammo values of a specific carried weapon you have to use playerammo!

Attention: The returned table only contains items which can be equipped (in hands) and which are visible in the weapon selection! Special items like the flag, gas mask or armors are NOT included in this list. If you want to check the existence of these items you have to use the player Lua command with the corresponding parameter!