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Lua Command removebind



  • "key"


Removes a specific Lua key bind. They key must have been added beforehand with addbind.
Returns 1 if the bind was removed, 0 if the bind did not exist.

Valid key names:
  • Numeric keys: "0", "1" ... "9"

  • Alphabetic keys: "A", "B", ... "Z"

  • Function keys: "F1", "F2", ... "F12"

  • Mouse: "mouse1" (left click), "mouse2" (right click), "mouse3" (middle click), "mwheelup", "mwheeldown" (scrolling)

  • Special/Modifier keys: "leftshift", "rightshift", "leftctrl", "rightctrl", "leftalt", "rightalt", "leftsys", "rightsys"

  • Arrow keys: "leftarrow", "rightarrow", "uparrow", "downarrow"

  • Others: "backspace", "tab", "clear", "enter", "escape", "space", "pgup", "pgdn", "end", "home", "select", "print", "execute", "screen", "ins", "del"

  • Numpad/keypad: Same as above with "kp_" prefix. e.g. "kp_leftarrow", "kp_home", "kp_ins" etc., "kp_5" for center button

Note: Since key binds cause additional network traffic, it's highly recommended to remove all binds that you don't need/use actively!

Note: You can also remove all existing binds at once use removeallbinds

Attention: Adding/removing key binds also causes network traffic. So if the same key bind will be required again later it might make sense to keep it instead of removing it and adding it again later.