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Lua Command steamstats



  • "steamid"
  • "mode"


Returns stats for a Steam account ID (provided as string):

  • exists: boolean, true if stats for that Steam ID are available, false otherwise

  • rank: gets the current rank of the player on the server 1 for the best (0 if unranked)

  • killsperdeath: returns the kills per death ratio (equation: kills/deaths)

  • score: score value (sum of map mission goal score and frags)

  • frags: number of kills

  • deaths: number of deaths

  • secs: time spent on server in seconds (only time while being in a team is counted, time as spectator is ignored)

  • mvp: number of rounds this player was the most valuable player

  • assists: number of kill assists

The command returns the boolean value false if stats are not available for the specified Steam ID or if wrong parameters are specified.

Moreover you can use steamstats("0","count") to get the total count of saved Steam stats.

Note: There's also stats which is the same but works with the U.S.G.N. ID instead of the Steam ID as identifier.

Note: Different stats or no stats might be available via the stats or steamstats commands. This depends on the login behavior of the player.