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Lua Hook always





Execute an action "always". This means nearly each frame.
It's only "nearly each frame" because the frame rate cap of CS2D was increased from 50 to 60 in one of the updates.
To keep this hook compatible with existing Lua scripts the execution rate of it has NOT been increased accordingly but capped at 50 executions per second.
A second has 1000 milliseconds. This means that the hook is executed every 1000/50 milliseconds = 20 milliseconds. That value can vary depending on the actual FPS.

Note: Using the Lua timer command is more efficient if the script you want to run is only supposed to be executed for a limited time!

Attention: This hook is executed very frequently (up to ~50 times per second)! Do not execute very complex/slow scripts with it!

Attention: Frames per second can vary depending on system performance. So execution rate of this hook may vary as well. Please consider this when using this hook. Do not use it for timers if precision matters.

Attention: Do not execute commands which cause a lot of traffic in the always hook! It can lead to ping spikes and connection loss! e.g. hudtxt, msg, sv_sound, image etc.

Return Values

none - related action(s) [if there are any] performed by CS2D cannot be altered/omitted

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