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Lua Hook assist



  • assist: ID of player who assisted to kill the victim
  • victim: ID of player who got killed
  • killer: ID of player who killed the victim


When a player assists another player to kill a third player. Assisting players are shown in the kill info (killer + assistant [weapon] victim) and they also receive an assist in the scoreboard.

You can use return 1 with this hook to ignore the assist. In that case the player will NOT be displayed as assistant in the kill info and he won't receive an assist point.

Note: A player only counts as assistant if he dealt at least 40 damage to the victim. Only one player can count as assistant for a kill.

Return Values

  • 0: proceed normally (count and display assist)
  • 1: don't count and display the assist (the related kill will be displayed and counted normally but without assist)

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