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Lua Hook projectile_impact



  • id: id of player who shot / launched the projectile
  • weapon: weapon type of projectile
  • x: x position of impact (pixels)
  • y: y position of impact (pixels)
  • mode: impact mode
  • projectileid: id of the projectile


When a projectile (grenade, rocket, ...) hits something.
The mode parameter defines which kind of impact was registered:
  • 0 - wall (including buildings)

  • 1 - player

  • 2 - hostage

  • 3 - NPC

  • 100 - ground (max/target flight distance reached, projectile stops flying or explodes)

id is the ID of the player who launched the projectile.
weapon is the weapon type ID of the related weapon:

Some projectiles "explode" as soon as they hit the ground (smoke grenade, flare, gas grenade, molotov cocktail, grenade launcher grenade). In this case the hooks projectile and projectile_impact will both be fired.

Impact modes 1 to 3 are only registered by some projectiles (RPG, rocket launcher, snowball, gut bomb).
All other projectiles do not collide with players/hostages/NPCs! They only collide with wall/ground.

Special case molotov cocktail:
The molotov cocktail also explodes on wall impact. Due to internal handling its explosion will trigger up to 3 hooks (in this order):

Note: All shots from weapons with instant hit registration (bullets, laser) do not count as projectiles and do not trigger this hook!

Note: To check when a projectile explodes use the projectile hook!

Return Values

none - related action(s) [if there are any] performed by CS2D cannot be altered/omitted

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