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Lua Hook hostageuse



  • id: player id
  • hostageid: hostage id
  • mode: 1 start follow, 0 stop follow


When a hostage is being used by a Counter-Terrorist player. id is the ID of the player who tried to use the hostage with id hostageid.
Mode is either 1 if the hostage is not already following the player (request to start following) or 0 if the hostage is already following that player (request to stop following).

You can use the return value 1 to prevent interaction with the hostage.
This will not only prevent the follow-state from changing but also prevent that any rewards (money) for using a hostage the first time will be granted.

Note: usehostage is only executed for Counter-Terrorists. Terrorists can't interact with hostages.

Return Values

  • 0: proceed normally (start/stop follow if possible)
  • 1: don't start/stop follow

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