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Lua Hook endround



  • mode: start/end mode id
  • delay: time until next round starts (milliseconds)


When a round is about to end. More precisely: At the moment the round end message is displayed. The round will still continue for a few seconds (3 or 5 in most cases) so players can read the message and prepare for the next round. delay contains the exact delay in milliseconds (1000 ms = 1 sec) until the next round will start.

Possible modes
  • 1=Terrorist win (elimination)

  • 10=VIP killed (as_ maps)

  • 12=VIP did not escape (as_ maps)

  • 20=Bomb detonated (de_ maps)

  • 30=Hostages protected (cs_ maps)

  • 40=Blue flag captured (ctf_ maps)

  • 50=All points dominated by T (dom_ maps)

  • 60=All humans killed (Zombies! game mode)

  • 2=Counter-Terrorist win (elimination)

  • 11=VIP escaped (as_ maps)

  • 21=Bomb defused (de_ maps)

  • 22=Bombsite protected (de_ maps)

  • 31=Hostages rescued (cs_ maps)

  • 41=Red flag captured (ctf_ maps)

  • 51=All points dominated by CT (dom_ maps)

  • 61=Survivors survived (Zombies! game mode)

  • 3=Round draw

  • 4=Game commencing

  • 5=Round restart

Note: In most cases (but not necessarily all) the hooks startround_prespawn and startround will be triggered a few seconds after this hook is triggered.

Return Values

none - related action(s) [if there are any] performed by CS2D cannot be altered/omitted

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