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Lua Hook drop



  • id: player ID
  • iid: item id for new item on the map
  • type: item type
  • ammoin: ammo in weapon
  • ammo: spare ammo
  • mode: weapon mode
  • xpos: drop x position (tiles)
  • ypos: drop y position (tiles)


When the player with the given id tries to drop an item. Only executed when the item can be dropped.
The parameters contain details about the new item that will be created on the map when the item is dropped.
Dropping can be blocked/cancelled by returning 1.

Weapon and item type IDs:

Attention: The new item on the map (with item ID iid) is created AFTER executing the hook. This means the data can not be accessed while running the hook script. Use the provided hook parameters instead to get data from the item.

Return Values

  • 0: proceed normally (drop?)
  • 1: don't drop the item

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